SkyFallX Autonomous Flight Sensor

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SkyFallX Autonomous Flight Sensor


Rapid Parachute Deployment
Free Fall Detection
Flip and Roll Detection
Audible Locator/Warning Alarm
Integrated Rechargeable Battery
Low Voltage warning
Ready to Use Immediately
No firmware updates required

(1) SkyFallX Autonomous Flight Sensor
(1) 500mah Battery
(1) USB charger
(1) Mounting Kit

SkyFallX Flight Sensor Specifications:
Dimensions: 2.43” x 1.75” x .80”
Weight: 1.15 oz
Power: 5.0V
Battery: 500 mAh

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When paired with the SkyFallX Sparrow or Raven parachute system, the SkyFallX Flight Sensor (patent pending) will deploy your parachute automatically in the event of an in-flight emergency.

The SkyFallX flight sensor contains an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer that is able to determine when the drone has experienced an in-flight emergency (free fall, tumbles, or flips are classified as an in-flight emergency.).

 When an emergency is detected, the SkyFallX Flight Sensor will deploy a parachute automatically. 

After the parachute is deployed, a buzzer will sound repeatedly. This is a useful feature for warning bystanders of a descending drone, or aiding in the drone's recovery.

All SkyFallX Flight Sensors comes with their own lightweight battery, ensuring that the SkyFallX system will continue to operate even under total power loss of the drone’s main power supply. 

Free Fall Detection        Flip and Roll Detection        Integrated Battery         Works at any Range        Rapid Deployment

Free Fall Detection        Flip and Roll Detection        Integrated Battery         Works at any Range        Rapid Deployment

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