autonomous parachute recovery system 


SkyFallX is an intelligent parachute recovery system for drones (Patent Pending). The SkyFallX recovery system contains a flight sensor with an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer that is able to determine when the drone has experienced an in flight emergency. When an emergency is detected, the SkyFallX system sounds an alarm and launches a parachute automatically, with no input required from the pilot.  The SkyFallX system comes with its own battery, ensuring that the SkyFallX recovery system will operate even under total power loss of the drone.


Free Fall Detection

Free Fall Detection

Flip and Roll  Detection

Flip and Roll

Integrated Battery

Integrated Battery

Works at any   Range

Works at any

Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment


  • Free Fall Protection - A parachute will be deployed when free fall is detected.

  • Flip and Roll Protection - A parachute will be deployed if the device tilts more than 90 degrees.

  • Speed - Faster than human operated parachute systems.

  • Audible Locator - A buzzer will sound repeatedly once a parachute has been deployed. Useful for warning bystanders of a descending drone, or aid in the drones recovery.

  • Easy to Use - Simply power on the flight sensor, and you are ready to fly!

  • Safety - Reduces damage/injury caused by falling drone.

  • Battery Redundancy - Integrated battery allows for independent operation apart from the main power supply.

  • Works at any range - If your drone flies out of radio range, a parachute will still be deployed if an emergency is detected.

  • No aftermarket transmitter - Eliminates the need to buy an aftermarket transmitter with extra channels for parachute deployment.

  • Manual Deployment Option - To manually deploy the parachute, simply turn the throttle to zero. The drone will enter free fall and deploy its parachute automatically.